Listen, we get it! Financial data reconciliation is a necessary yet oft-dreaded process. Analysts across industries spend valuable hours manually converting PDF bank statements into Microsoft Excel files for further manipulation and review. This tedious workflow leads to fatigue, errors, and overall wasted productivity.

At Rocket Statements, we offer a time-saving solution - automated bank statement PDF to Excel conversion tailored for even the most complex statement formats. Our proprietary software leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and AI to instantly extract transactions from PDF statements and output reconciliation-ready Excel spreadsheets.

By automating this traditionally manual process, Rocket Statements customers recapture hours otherwise spent on repetitive data entry. With a few clicks, the platform scans elaborately formatted bank statements and populates Excel files with rows of perfectly tabulated data. No more squinting at tiny PDF print or wrestling with formatting.

The benefit to analysts and accounting departments is immense. Productivity around financial reviews, audits, and reporting is accelerated tenfold. Data can be effortlessly imported into visualization, analytics, and other processing software. And with Rocket Statements handling conversions in the background, employees can focus efforts on higher value tasks. Our zero-data retention policy also minimizes long-term storage risks. For more on our industry-leading security and compliance, see this blog post.

Our platform supports all major US, Canadian, UK, Australian and global bank statements - Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, RBC, ScotiaBank, Barclays, and thousands more. Custom layouts pose no obstacles for our adaptive system. Any bank statement submitted converts to a flawlessly formatted Excel file in under 3 minutes.

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual bank statement conversion. Rocket Statements is revolutionizing reconciliation with automated PDF bank statement to Excel capabilities. We invite you to try our innovative tool and recapture hours otherwise lost toggling between browser tabs. Experience simplified financial admin and let your employees focus where they create the most value - serving clients.