Tax time doesn't have to be frustrating - especially when you use Rocket Statements to simplify your financial data preparation. As the most advanced PDF to Excel converter that relies on machine learning, Rocket Statements transforms your messy bank statements into structured, tax-ready files, that your CPA can get hands-on!

Seamless integration with any global bank

Whether you're a small business owner, independent contractor, accountant or just an individual filer, this tool streamlines your bank statement pdf import and reconciliation workflows. Simply upload PDFs from any major U.S., Canadian, British, Australian or any global bank and Rocket Statements handles the conversion accurately and instantly. In minutes, you have a perfectly formatted Excel or CSV file containing all statement transactions ready for taxes.

The benefits for tax prep are enormous. You save hours of manual entry time, minimize errors from keying in tons of line items, and can instantly populate tax forms or import clean data into TurboTax. The Excel files even allow easy categorization for business expenses like supplies, software, withdrawal, deposits, utilities etc. And for accountants, you'll work far more efficiently without cumbersome PDFs slowing you down.

At tax season, your time is precious. Don't waste it wrestling with PDF statements or retyping transactions. Rocket Statements simplifies your prep so you can file quickly and focus on more important things. It organizes your financial data in seconds and makes light work of tax readiness. Sign up today and let the productivity begin! Learn how to setup your account and get started with converting your bank statements from pdf to excel or csv here.