As pioneers in bank and credit card statement automation for accountants and financial professionals, we at RocketStatements have witnessed firsthand the innovations in financial technology transforming workflows for the better. With another demanding tax season now underway, no other fintech solution can provide the efficiency gains and capacity creation for advisory expansion like RocketStatements. Our AI-powered software simplifies cumbersome reporting processes so accountants gain time to deliver strategic value to client relationships.

Our Advanced Optical Character Recognition Eliminates Data Entry

RocketStatements deploys self-developed optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing, and machine learning to automate data extraction from both paper and electronic statements. Accountants using RocketStatements can:

  • Bulk upload past statements to quickly backfill historical records
  • Convert files from hundreds of financial institutions into structured data

Our intelligent algorithms drive classification of payees, transaction types, amounts, dates, and other specifics with over 99% accuracy. This structured information feeds directly into downstream workflows for analysis. Only RocketStatements delivers this deep level of automated digitization of statement data to alleviate the most painful reporting bottlenecks.

RocketStatements excels where legacy accounting systems lacked effective tools for parsing and organizing raw transaction information locked away in bank and card statement descriptions into accounting-friendly data. We easereconciliation with automatically categorized expenses based on supervised machine learning of 100s of millions of historical transactions.

CPAs Strengthen Client Relationships

RocketStatements uniquely equips accountants to handle growing client volumes during busy season by automating the heaviest reporting lifting so client needs receive priority focus. Reduced overtime during tax season further strengths staff retention and satisfaction.

Ultimately RocketStatements fuels a positive cyclical impact - our automated reporting provides capacity for expanded advisory services which in turn makes an accounting firm indispensable to customer sticky retention and wallet share growth. This emerging foundation gained from adopting RocketStatements positions practices extremely well structurally as the industry continues rapidly evolving in 2024 and beyond.

Easily Convert Bank Statements to Excel and Import into QuickBooks
As a business owner, nothing kills your productivity quite like reconciling piles of PDF bank statements into QuickBooks every month.. Let us simplify your month-end reporting routines.

By extracting and structuring even hard-to-parse statement transactions using advanced OCR and AI, RocketStatements delivers accounting-ready data right into your tax software.

Gone are the days of managing mounds of paper statements, opening countless PDF attachments, copying figures between applications, and attempting to classify hundreds of ambiguous entries by hand. RocketStatements handles dirty statement data so you avoid clean up. By becoming the automated data pipeline from raw transaction details to refined, tax-ready outputs, RocketStatements massively accelerates statement reconciliation and filing. We extract maximum value from real-world data while adding efficiency through tax software connectivity. Partner with our fintech innovation leaders and say goodbye to tiresome manual reporting this busy season!