As a business owner, nothing kills your productivity quite like reconciling piles of PDF bank statements into QuickBooks every month. But manually converting files and entering rows of transactions leaves you drained and zero closer to actual business insights.

What if you could automate this process? Meet RocketStatements, the most popular bank statement converter tool that exists out there today, that works on poweful machine learning algorithms to turn your statement pile into instantly importable Excel files.

The most accurate bank statement converter out there

Forget old-school OCR and clunky templates. Rocket Statements features adaptive deep learning technology which maps even the most elaborately formatted PDF bank statements into perfectly tabulated Excel spreadsheets with 100% accuracy.

Your converted files integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. Gone are the days of manual data entry! Now you simply upload your statements to Rocket Statements, and within 3 minutes download an Excel or CSV ready to import and reconcile your books with ease. We are not kidding!!

And with round-the-clock encryption and data protections meeting advanced banking industry standards, your information remains ultra secure throughout the conversion process. We take privacy as seriously as accuracy.

We've already recovered millions of hours for small business owners and counting - hours you could spend growing your company, not staring at spreadsheets.

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